Slack Integration: Popup linking to Sentry not Slack


We’re trying to migrate from the old Slack integration to the new shiny one.
However, when I click on the “Add Workspace” button on our integrations page, it opens a popup to our Sentry workspace, not a Slack auth screen as I’d expect.

Anything I can do to solve this?


It seemed to resolve itself. I was able to authenticate with Slack.
Now, I have Alert Rules set up but no messages are seeming to deliver to Slack.

This is happening for me now. I’ve seen a few references to this issue but unclear how it got resolved. Here’s a screenshot showing the behavior:

You can try clearing your cookies and going through this flow again, which should work.

I am having this same issue now; tried clearing cookies. Even downloaded firefox to try it afresh to no avail. What else can I try ?

That didn’t help - still having this issue. Using Chrome 66.0.3359.139