Slack integration: request invalid

I’m trying to connect onprem Sentry 10.0.1 with Slack. All steps from documentation were successful, but after pushing Slack installation button and allowing permissions for my sentry-bot, I get redirect to auth/login page with error invalid request.
Logs are empty, in network section my browser I saw next:

uid=*; sc=*; messages="ac8b9b99fd0c60e661c0a68821cd5324050d5e28$[[\"__json_message\"\0540\05440\054\"Invalid request.\"]]"; sentrysid="*"

Why it’s happen?

Slack went through a bunch of API changes and I don’t think our v10 supports the most recent API.

After upgrade to 21.1.0 issue was repeated.

The latest is 21.8.0 and I think there were some more updates after 21.1.0. Also, if you still fail after the upgrade, it would be great if you could share the logs from your web service.

ok, I see.

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