Slack integration Socket Mode support

I read on that Socket Mode support was not on the the roadmap. Being able to assign people and resolve issues via Slack buttons are extremely useful features and as on-premise users our inbound network policies are very strict so we can’t use this functionality without websockets. So we only get half the benefits of the full Slack integration experience.

I’d like to understand what the “significant investments in our Slack integration” are to understand if this two-way functionality for on-premise users is going to be changed in the near term.

Socket mode is a completely different API so implementing this would be very close to implementing our Slack integration from scratch. Moreover, persistent socket connections are much more expensive to maintain so this is very unlikely to be used anywhere else than the single-organization mode, small installs. Even then, it is also more challenging to set up so it falls under a niche use case like yours.

You are still free to modify Sentry code accordingly to support this mode, build an internal integration that acts as a bridge, or write a custom sentry plugin that you load which implements this support. It is just that we are not going to do this unless there’s a meaningful return on this investment.

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