SMTP email issues

I tried both TLS/SSL SSL/TLS server configs none of them worked, yet each had another set of errors, right now when I am going on Nginx proxy to test the mail, I get a Gateway timeout, now I am not sure why is that. Since Uswgi supports SSL itself why does one needs Nginx as a proxy? We know the role of a proxy, the only issue I see here is that on current documentation and current steps followed with Docker, we never made possible even a testing mail to work.

We tried default cpanel/WHM email accounts, they are according to RFC standards, and I also tried Zimbra mail server client, tried configs that work flawlessly on other Django setups I have, such as Same it works same mail servers work accross all our services, from ruby, to python applications.

Any help is welcomed, if someone makes a living with Sentry, PM me maybe we can agree on some help to have this instance running properly. At this point all works, beside mail.

One type of error:
SMTPServerDisconnected: Connection unexpectedly closed: timed out

Second type of errors:
error: [Errno 113] No route to host

These both look like network issues. The first one implies that the mail server is not listening on that port (or maybe not listening on the public IP address that Sentry instance is trying to reach it) and the second one looks like the IP address you provide for the mail server is not accessible from your Sentry instance. The “no route to host” error most likely happens because your Sentry instance is in an isolated network without a gateway defined for reaching your mail server.

@BYK it is true on second error we are using now nginx proxy is it true that we need to alter also nginx config to allow smtp host pass through?

If we use this config without nginx normally it should work

@UHLHosting I don’t really understand the relationship between nginx and your mail server. Just searched for this on the internet and found this and learned this is a thing.

That said, since the second one is a network error, I’d say it is around how you setup and connect these machines, not with the nginx configuration.

@BYK just using the default smtp config from docker sentry this is a docker config.

Got it. You still have a networking issue that has nothing to do with Sentry itself though.

@BYK completely agree with you, yet what is confusing for me is that since Sentry docker does not supports by default nginx, maybe was making a bad decision on the image I added, or the setup for properly linking this nginx docker image to smtp docker image provided along side sentry is the issue. I would like to see someone in community sharing a better docker-compose.yml that contains the right nginx proxy for the sentry to run. Or else it seems already so much waste of hrs to debug this issues, with nginx it should work, yet then is not recommended to run it without nginx.

For anyone interested in adding Nginx to the basic mix, feel free to use as your base.

@BYK, is this normal the localhost?

SMTP Settings

From Address
Mailing List Namespace

Can’t really comment as I don’t haven much experience setting up SMTP yet. Sorry :frowning:

@BYK now we got this working with gmail smtp.

The only thing that is now left for me to debug why this was not working out of the box with ZImbra mail server and a Cpanel server default mail settings.

I had seen a similar thread and someone offering some temporary workaround for Postal open source mail server. Such support built in would be great for devops in special to ease the deployment of self controlled smtp gateways.

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