Stack Trace Rules for Native

We’re currently using Sentry with Unreal Engine and I’m looking into setting up stack trace rules however I haven’t been able to get anything working so far. When we get certain types of issues like asserts or ensures from Unreal I’d like to remove all of the error handling code. In total that would end up being around the top 5 - 6 frames but that can vary. I’ve looked at the docs and tried to get something to work with no luck. I’ve simplified my stack trace rules to just one for RaiseException, which is in Kernel.dll.

stack.function:RaiseException -app -group

However even when I have deleted my exist issues new ones still appear with RaiseException in the callstack. Note that it’s been about a 24hour period since I’ve put this in, so I’m obviously missing something.

Neither -app nor -group physically delete the frame before it hits storage. -group will have zero visible effect on the stacktrace, it just prevents sentry from grouping events into issues by that frame. -app marks the frame out-of-app, but all of your frames already are. I recommend setting up a rule such as package:Tiger +app which will hide all other frames (still toggleable from the UI), or to use function:* +app as a “baseline” rule on top of your list of rules that is later overridden for RaiseException by your rule.

Thanks. I think this worked:

stack.function:* +app
stack.function:RaiseException -app