Remove stack frame minidump (Unreal Engine 4)


I’m working on setting up an on-premise sentry installation to receive Unreal Engine 4 crashes and have it symbolicating just fine, but one of the issues I’m running into is that there is a common set of functions that trigger the crash reporter from Unreal assertions by raising a generic exception, which results in every assertion being listed as a fatal error (unhandled exception), and the names for all of those assertion events to just be “RaiseException”.

I read the documentation on stack trace grouping and found it very easy to use for removing those unwanted frames from the grouping algorithm, but I was wondering if there was a similar interface anywhere for just rejecting those frames from being considered a part of the event entirely?

The unreal crash reports contain a count of the number of frames that should be ignored in the minidump to avoid this in whatever crash handler they use internally, so I wonder if there would be space somewhere to use that data in the symbolic module.

There’s this: Quota Management | Sentry Documentation

You may also avoid sending these events from the SDK itself I think. /cc @jauer and @untitaker

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