Store and forward?

I was talking with a customer and they are looking at integrating your product.
They are currently using AppCenter.
Does your product store and forward if the device is offline ?

Thanks for any help and information you can offer.

All our mobile SDKs cache events in case the device is offline.
What particular platform are you looking for?

Xamarin Forms
So UWP, Android, iOS and even Mac Catalyst

Has offline caching by default: GitHub - getsentry/sentry-dotnet-xamarin: Sentry for Xamarin Native and Xamarin.Forms

There are docs here: Xamarin | Sentry Documentation

Sounds good …
Will review the documentation
Your tags and such seem interesting … gotta check those features out as well.


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There’s a #xamarin channel on Sentry’s Discord if you’d like to discuss things:

I’m sure folks there would want to hear about your experience with the SDK.

That’s cool … thanks for the heads up
Looking at pricing it seems the developer price point has a lot of limitations but since I’m not familiar with the product at this time I can’t say if they are useful in evaluating the product or just bells and whistles.

I believe you can start a trial within the app for a Team or Business plan. Maybe someone knows better and can chime in?

Actually there’s a “start trial” right on the pricing page:

But for the core crash reporting, the free plan works to capture crashes and see all the details etc. So to test that aspect of Sentry it’s good enough I believe.

Thanks … may build an app and see how it works …


Does anyone know if I build an app and get some data into the backend and THEN start a trial will the data show up or will I need to generate new data?

The data is there already unless you go over the quota.
Free plan is:

Included data

  • 5K errors
  • 10K transactions
  • 1GB attachments

Pricing is on the link above

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