Super basic Xamarin.Android init question

I want to use Sentry with my Xamarin app. The docs say to initialize the SDK like so:

using (SentrySdk.Init("https://<key><project>"))
    // App code

On Xamarin.iOS, I’d just put that in my Main.cs file and call UIApplication.Main inside where it says “App Code”. But on Xamarin.Android I’m not sure where I’d put it since there doesn’t appear to be a main entry point that surrounds the lifespan of everything else like there is on iOS. With Android, there’s a main activity, but it’ll get disposed of once my application launches the next activity. So I guess the question is, what’s the best way to init the SDK and then properly dispose of it when it needs doing so?

@architekt We do not yet officially support Xamarin.

The .NET SDK should work with a few limitations like symbolication on iOS and events not flushed to disk on both platforms.
We haven’t yet tested it nor have a dedicated documentation/samples.