Stuck "There are x events pending reprocessing"

How do I get rid of the stuck “There are x events pending reprocessing”?

Triggering the processing apparently does nothing.

Is this on your local sentry installation or

It is on

I was doing some testing and some iOS dSYMS where missing, so I tried uploading them. I don’t need the events.

I will investigate this. We should at the very least add a way to discard events but I also want to find out why it gets “stuck”. What most likely happens is that the processing immediately fails again so that might be a specific bug that needs fixing.

I am having the same problem. I know crashes are happening, because we have a hidden button ‘crash now’ to test the Sentry integration.

Is there anything we can do to flush these pending events?

I uploaded missing symbol files, but the message stays and it seems to block all incoming reports.

What can I ask our server folks to do to get rid of these reports that are blocking the whole pipeline?

Any idea what happened? I’m currently experiencing the same issue on our own install, 8.17.0.

What can we do to get past this?


I opened an issue in sentry to track this: