iOS Exceptions shows up as <redacted>

Hello! We recently release our application to our user base and we are having a hard time debugging the exceptions that show up in Sentry. We’ve uploaded the dSYMs files and they all show up in ‘Project Settings > Debug Information Files’. We have enabled ‘Reprocessing’ but in the field above it says ‘Good news! There are no processing issues.’

But since we uploaded the symbols there has also been a banner saying ‘Reprocessing 12 events …’ for over 24 hours. But our exceptions are still redacted.

Is this normal? Will these exceptions be symbolicated once the ‘Reprocessing’ is done? If so how long will it take? We are really fumbling in the dark right now.

Can you please post a link to your account so we can take a look.

Do you need the url to our on premise or something else?

Oh ok, so we can’t look into your on premise installation only on

Have you already checked you sever logs if there are any errors?

We didn’t encounter any errors, the uploading of dSYMs went fine, the exceptions have been coming in. It’s just the symbolification that doesn’t seem to work. Our exceptions came in before we had the files ready and uploaded.

So they look show as There were 2 errors encountered while processing this event

A required debug symbol file was missing.
An optional debug symbol file was missing.

But these files are available now for Sentry to use. And as I said the ‘Reprocessing 12 events …’ has been spinning since yesterday.

So to be honest, really hard to say what went wrong here.
You logs must in some way reflect what happened.
The table sentry_reprocessingreport contains these entries, so if you delete it manually at least the bar is gone.

So what is the intended behaviour for this setup? Roll out application, upload dSYSM’s, exceptions should be readable straight away? How long does reprocessing usually take?

This issue seems to indicate other users experienced something similar:

But even if our files were in a /tmp directory they would still be there as of now, our Sentry service has not been down for an extremely long time.

I can’t even disable it now because it gives me this error:

So the only thing I can advise you right now is basically deploy the master branch of Sentry because our last release was in November and we fixed a bunch of stuff since then.

Not sure if we release a new version before Sentry 9 (which still needs some time).