Substract filter or multiple filter

I want to do a saved search for issues where is:unassigned is:unresolved… and where level is one of error, warning, fatal.

How can I do it - if I can? Some ideas I had in mind:

  1. subtract à la github: -level:info -level:debug),
  2. do a OR à la Google: level:error OR level:warning OR level:fatal
  3. a IN which I haven’t seen in others so made up syntax: level:(error,warning,fatal).

Is one of these possible somehow?

Multiple level:somelevel clauses does a AND search thus returns no results at all.

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At the moment these searches are not supported.

There is an open ticket here:

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Thanks Ben, I’ll subscribe to that issue.

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Thanks, yes, would definitely be a plus. And support would get a free :cookie: yum! :hugs: