SwiftUI apps show crashes as redacted

Hello, I’m trying to integrate the iOS SDK to our SwiftUI app.

I’ve done all the setup, including uploading of dsyms. When the app is distributed with testflight (or ad hoc) the stack trace shows up as redacted and there is almost no useful data about the error.

You can easily recreate this with just a new project -> use swiftui -> integrate sentry, add button and fatalError in view, something like this:

struct ContentView: View {
var body: some View {
VStack {
Text(“Hello, world!”)
Button(“Crash”) {

func crash() {

func crash2() {


The crash looks like this:

I must say I don’t know much about symbolication, and wether this is a bug on your side or Apple just doesn’t provide the stack trace. Is there any plan/possibility to fix this?


Is this happening on sentry.io or a self hosted installation?

@mitsuhiko It’s happening on sentry.io

We’re investigating this at the moment. We’re likely running into technical limitations here as the stackwalker we use (KSCrash) does not support inline frames from DWARF info. We might have to switch this one out. However a test project of mine did not show this behavior.

Can you mail me a link to the event in question? You can reach me at armin@sentry.io

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