System configuration issue banner onpremise Sentry 20.10.0.dev04cdf745

I’ve just updated our program’s 2 onpremise Sentry servers to Sentry 20.10.0.dev04cdf745

After logging in to smoke test the UI, there is a banner that reads:
“There is 1 issue with your system configuration.”

I’ll attempt to attach a screen shot. However, no other useful info on the system configuration error seems available. The message is not clickable to go to a configuration topic/value. There is only a ‘X’ to dismiss the alert.

I’ve walked thru all the configuration topics and see nothing flagged as a error in that part of the UI/

So this is a request to make that UI alert provide more useful information as to what the exact configuration error is – maybe a problem setting or and error code – something to google for to get more information (or post this forum).