TestFlight Builds Not Generating Sentry Reports

Hello there,

I am attempting to finalize my Sentry code within my React-Native application but am having trouble generating Sentry reports from a TestFlight build. With the same code, I am capable of generating identical reports from:

  • Android Emulators (release and debug APKs)
  • Android Physical Devices (release and debug APKs pushed from dev computer)
  • Android Physical Devices (release APK pushed from Play store beta tester)
  • iOS Simulator (release build)
  • iOS Physical Devices (release build pushed from dev computer)

It stands to reason that there might be something going wrong with the TestFlight upload or install operation, but I haven’t found any other posts claiming this problem. I have attempted to upload to TestFlight with and without Bitcode enabled, in case it attempts to optimize out some of Sentry’s execution. It has not made a difference.

Is there a known issue with TestFlight interfering with Sentry reports being sent to the Sentry dashboard?

Hi everyone,

I have same problem, but my app is fully native.

Any thoughts?