Added to React Native app, not reporting any crashes

I followed the directions in, ran through react-native link fine, except had to update my index.js manually (in the latest version of RN, they just have index.js, not 2 separate files for android and ios), so it looks like

import {AppRegistry} from 'react-native'
import App from './App'
import {Sentry} from 'react-native-sentry'

AppRegistry.registerComponent('myapp', () => App)

but this doesn’t seem to be reporting a crash in my TestFlight distributed beta app (segfault caused by a 3rd party lib I’m using). Why is the crash not showing up in Sentry?


Can you enable debug logging and check the logs.

import {
} from 'react-native-sentry';

Sentry.config('etc', {
  logLevel: SentryLog.Debug

Do you see other messages in Sentry if you call Sentry.captureMessage("TEST message") for example?

Hey @HazAT - just wanted to mention that errors started showing up a couple hours after I posted this. I guess there was a slight delay at the time. I’ve been spoiled by the instant-ness of the other Sentry libs I’ve been using :slight_smile: and it seems like the RN one is often instant, but not always.

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