Turn off those god damn annoying e-mails for every freaking JS error that is being reported


Recently I’ve started using Sentry as a way to catch JS errors easily. However, it turns out that for EVERY FREAKING TIME a JS error is being caught I get an e-mail and I have to unsubscribe for EVERY FREAKING ISSUE in order to receive an e-mail anymore. The same issue is being recreated for EVERY SINGLE PAGE on our website (which are currently thousands and growing on a daily basis), which mean by now I’m getting spammed by Sentry.

I’ve disabled to option to automatically be subscribed to new issues, however this does not seem to have any effect whatsoever, since I keep on receiving hundreds of e-mails with JS errors every single day.

By now I know third party JS is throwing errors on our site. By now I know that this can’t be fixed and honestly, I don’t care about receiving e-mails every single time a user runs into a tiny warning or anything like that. I’m perfectly capable of logging in to Sentry and take a look at those JS errors myself.

So, how can I turn off those god damn e-mails for good?

How about
I’ve gotten no emails.