TV devices support

Hi! My team and I find Sentry as great solution for our web and mobile apps, however it would be even better if it was supported on TV devices as well (e.g. Apple TV). I couldn’t find any information online - I was wondering if you would be able to provide some details?



Hey @astelvida,

Sentry works for tvOS the same as it does for iOS.
So just go ahead and use it :slight_smile:

That’s great news @HazAT! And that’s not just applicable to AppleTV right, other TVs too? Does that mean Sentry runs on the main UI thread by default? Since as far as I know there aren’t any service workers on TV browsers.

So I am not really sure what you mean with other TVs, we provide many SDKs for several different languages.

thats for iOS/tvOS/macOS.

Sentry runs on the thread where it’s called, it is not necessary to run on the main thread but you can if you want.

Hi @astelvida.

Are you referring to HTML5 TV apps? We’re not entirely familiar with the setup there but if you can provide some information about the runtime environment you have there and we can probably assist.

If it uses HTML5 you can use the raven-js SDK and it should work there. Service workers are not required to emit events.