Unity SDK: Lite vs Native support

For the last 2 years, Sentry had its Unity SDK on the repository: sentry-unity.

The SDK in reality is named sentry-unity-lite. Due to its design principles:

A lightweight C# 6 SDK that compiles with the game, supports any platform, and is compatible with Unity as far back as version 5.6.

In the meantime, many feature requests came in for things the .NET SDK already supported.
And there was a discussion to consider a new “full” SDK based on the .NET SDK with overwhelmingly positive response in favor of this approach.

Unity packages can be installed via git now, and that @johanhelsing made a PR to add to sentry-unity-lite (Thanks Johan!).

Unity Package Manager: Two repositories

To make sure we could offer sentry-unity-lite and sentry-unity, and support UPM, the lite SDK needed to be moved to a new repository. Rename on GitHub creates a redirect, so the safest way was to create a new repository, named: sentry-unity-lite and move the code and issues there.

The current sentry-unity repository is now home of the work in progress Unity SDK with native crash support.

In short:

Current Unity SDK: sentry-unity-lite
Preview, WIP Unity SDK: sentry-unity