Updating Jira Key through API

Hey all,

I have enabled the official Sentry-Jira integration. It really helped us keep our Jira and Sentry in sync. However, we have customized rules to create the Jira tickets based upon certain triggers we can’t configure within the official Sentry integration. So, we want to keep the create Jira ticket logic on our side. The issue that we are having is that we can’t update the Jira key in the Sentry issue automatically. That will really help us to complete our customization.

I saw the information of the Jira is included in the annotations field of the Sentry issue when retrieving it through the API Retrieve an Issue | Sentry Documentation.

However, we can’t update that field through the PUT API Update an Issue | Sentry Documentation. If I try to PUT that field for an existing issue without any linked JIRA key, it wont update anything. However, if I update one of the documented fields from the API doc such as the isPublic one, it will only update that field (as expected). So, Im using the API correctly, but I just don’t have access to update annotations. eg:
Updating through Postman:

Has anyone have this issue as well? I wonder if there is anyway we can contribute to enable annotations and if we can get that part enabled in our Sentry service account (as a beta user or something).

Thanks in advance

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I’ve also been trying to no avail!

We indeed found it. We used the /groups/{issueId}/integrations/ API instead

An undocumented API of course. Thank you so much!

For anyone else that stumbles upon this, GET /groups/{issueId}/integrations/ to get a list of integrations and their corresponding IDs, then PUT /groups/{issueId}/integrations/{integrationId} along with {"externalIssue": "ABC-123"}.

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