Use a different Version of Confluentic Kafka and Zookeeper

Hi everyone,

is it possible to use a higher Docker-Image version of Kafka or Zookeeper then 5.5.0 ?

And is it necessary that the Kafka and Zookeeper Images have to made by Confluentic ?

I think we can just bump to 5.5.2 safely. If you want to use 6.0.x there seems to be some changes needed, which we can start getting ready for:

5.5.x series correspond to Kafka 2.5 and 6.0.x series correspond to Kafka 2.6 based on my understanding from the Confluent docs. You are not required to use these images but we provide no support or bare no responsibility if you have any trouble, including data loss (you probably won’t, just warning you so you have precautions :wink:)

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