Weekly report per environment


The weekly report is helpful but not when it mixes UAT and Live data together, since UAT tends to experience more issues whilst testing, so the data is skewed. If this report were sent per env or just for live it would be something really useful.

Is there a way to customise this report to include only env:live (we do sent env for our logs).


This makes sense. We dont have time to resolve this today, but I think we’ll look to move this towards focusing on the ‘default environment’ in the future, which generally is ‘what data do I actually care about most’.

That would work - I was digging around in the web UI and found the “set default” so I set live to default hoping that would be the answer for next week’s report - sounds like it won’t be yet but could be so I’m happy to hear that :slight_smile:

Any updates on this subject?