What does command "sentry queues list" return values meaning?

I am using Sentry 8.21.0 .
When I execute the command “sentry queues list” the return values like that:

alerts 0
auth 0
cleanup 0
commits 0
counters-0 52
default 0
digests.delivery 0
digests.scheduling 0
email 0
events.preprocess_event 237813
events.process_event 5
events.reprocess_events 0
events.reprocessing.preprocess_event 0
events.reprocessing.process_event 0
events.save_event 18
merge 0
options 0
reports.deliver 0
reports.prepare 0
search 0
stats 0
triggers-0 7851
unmerge 0
update 0

I had saw the document in there
This document don’t talk about this values meaning and it is out-of-date…

Its each queue and the number of tasks in the queue.

It’s a great honor to get your reply!!!
It’s excited for me!

But I want to know more detail information about it.

For example:
events.preprocess_event was server catched event that not deal with it.(this is my speculation)

I think developers can write it into the document…

My purpose is that I need monitor some metrics for warn myself.So I need know more specific information.

I sincerely thank you for your reply~

We don’t document each queue because there are a lot of them and we add to them regularly and sometimes remove some, etc. So it’s a lot of maintenance when it’s typically not that important for an operator of Sentry. You normally just run workers for all queues all the time. In special occasions you’d need to do more complex things.

But to answer your question, events.preprocess_event is the first stage of the event processing pipeline. So yes, what you say is correct. The server has accepted the event, and put it into the queue, but no work has been done on it yet.

Oh,I got it!

I think I just need monitor this metric is fine.

Thank you for your reply~