Where are the release notes?

Where are the release notes for versions > 20.x.x ?

They used to be published in GitHub (https://github.com/getsentry/sentry/releases or in the CHANGES.md) , sometimes in the blog (https://blog.sentry.io/)


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Hi @forzagreen!

Due to the amount of changes in-between versions, even with a monthly cadence, it is not practical for us to have detailed changelogs other than these bare comparison views between releases for now: https://github.com/getsentry/sentry/compare/20.7.2...20.8.0

That said we have processes in place to automatically extract new items from CHANGES.md into GitHub release notes and we aim to update CHANGES.md in the coming releases.

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Hmm… I just tried this strategy but I’m getting an error from GitHub that the page is taking too long to load. Are there too many commits or something?

Yup, too many commits. This used to work so either GitHub reduced their capacity or we increased our throughput.

There is no easy solution for this problem at a product this large being developed at very high velocity. We are looking into solutions but I don’t expect us to implement anything in the coming month or two yet.