Where do the project language icons come from?

Each project in Sentry has an icon or a stack of icons that indicate what language it is, such as these examples:

  • JavaScript

  • Java (Android)

  • Ruby and JavaScript

However, there are also some that don’t make sense, such as this ObjC iOS project that is showing as Objective C (correct) and JavaScript (wrong):


This leaves me with three questions:

  1. How is the language chosen?
  2. How can I change it if it is wrong?
  3. How can I see the actual icons that are lower on the stack (other than what I have done until this point - using the Chrome DevTools to inspect the page)?

I think we need to do some work to improve these for things like cocoa. Is your iOS project using something like react-native?

The project is plain ObjC, not react-native or similar.

It is possible that early on one of our developers hit the “Create a sample event” button, which creates a JavaScript event as an example, which may be why, but I deleted that event and I wouldn’t have thought that the sample event should set any language since it has no way to know what the future language of the project is.

@kohenkatz i think we also set it early on based on which setup instructions you choose. It is supposed to expire based on what data is actually in the system.