Where does an event's URL come from?

I’ve updated from Raven to the Python Sentry SDK and noticed that the url tag for events shows https://our-django-app-name/api/example instead of the actual url where it’s hosted. If I use Raven for the same event the url would actually be for example https://staging.our-company.io/api/example.

If I try it locally on my computer then the url is the same (and correct) using either Raven or the Sentry SDK. So I guess it’s something with our helm deployment enironment or something (which I’m not too familiar with).

Sorry I know it’s a bit vague but do you have any advice on where the url tag value is being generated from that I could look at? I had a look at the parameters for sentry_sdk.init() but there doesn’t seem to be anything that applies to this?

The short answer is it was because we were using USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST = True in our live config and the new Sentry SDK didn’t support it. They’ve added it though in v.1.0.0. :partying_face:

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