Which Java library? Sentry 1.5.x or Raven 8.0.x?

Did the Raven client get deprecated? It hasn’t been updated since May, but the io.sentry packages were updated very recently. Was communication to customers sent out about this?

Ok, now I found this:


But I don’t think there was any communication that we should switch.

Yes, sentry under the io.sentry group is the latest, greatest (and maintained) version. :slight_smile:

I guess it’s still too subtle, but in the Sentry UI (when viewing an issue) we notify you if you sent an event with an old SDK

It links to the Java documentation where the very top says:

“Note: The old raven library is no longer maintained. It is highly recommended that you migrate to sentry (which this documentation covers). Check out the migration guide for more information. If you are still using raven you can find the old documentation here.”

If you have any ideas on ways to make this more clear I’d be interested.

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Maybe update the verbiage to indicate that Raven has been deprecated with a EOL date?