Android Raven and self hosted Sentry

Hi all,

I am completely new to Sentry and I am using it with my Android app. For testing I was using the android-raven library and hosted project. Everything worked fine but once I switched to our company hosted sentry it does not work (the crashes are not received). I am using the dns as explained on the sentry documentation and it does not work. The only thing that works is with an old version of this project: and only the version 1.1.4 works. The self hosted version of sentry is a bit old 6.4.4. My question is, could it be that the sentry version is too old for the current raven-android library (latest version 7.8.1)? Is there a way to find out which versions are compatible with which android library? Thanks in advance

Iā€™m not sure offhand, but 6.4.4 is multiple years old at this point. I wouldnā€™t expect much to work well with it. Latest version is 8.11, and we only really support compatibility with latest versions.

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Also, you might want to check out raven-android which is part of the official Java SDK.