Why is the "user" column in tracing "N/A" when the event has user set?


I’m puzzled by what the “user” column is supposed to be populated with. The scope has the user ID set, it works for error events, and displays on the clicked-through event page.

What’s supposed to be there? How do I get it there? Seems like it would be a useful cross referencing opportunity.


There are other columns you can select such as user.id, do those show for you?

Hey @fdr This field is one called user.display which tries to display the most useful information on a user possible.

If user.email is set it will display that field. If it isn’t, it will try to use user.username if none of those are set it’ll fall back to user.ip.

When you click through to one of the transactions you should see a User section. If it’s not there or the three fields mentioned above are n/a you’ll see that on the Transaction Summar page. If you see information there then there’s a bug and we’ll need more information.


Yeah, I do something like:

Sentry.set_user(id: 1)

I did notice that Discover has the column labeled user.display, should I run something like:

Sentry.set_user(id: 1, display: "what I want to see")

I think this page maybe can also use some enhancement? It doesn’t mention the display key.

So I think this worked, though I had to use user.username. It seems like user.display maybe works in Discovery but not in Performance?

So user.display is just a coalesced field that brings together other fields on user. It’s not something you can actually set. In this case, we’ve missed adding user.id as one of the fields.

I’ve created a PR to address this. fix(discover/perf): Update user.display to include user.id by silent1mezzo · Pull Request #25885 · getsentry/sentry · GitHub