Will an exceeded quota affect mobile app UX or performance?

We received this message from Sentry:

"Action Required
Your organization has exhausted its event quota
Your organization has depleted its event capacity for the current usage period. We know interruptions can be complicated so we’ve put your account into a temporary grace period to avoid data loss. During this time we continue to accept events at a limited rate. This grace period will expire on Mar 10, 2021.

To ensure uninterrupted service, we suggest upgrading your subscription or increasing your max on-demand spend."

We believe this to be the result of a spammy error in the Android build. We released a new build today with those error types greatly reduced. Most users will not have this new build by the Sentry grace period deadline of March 10. Will our mobile users be affected in some way if this deadline passes and the large numbers of events are still being triggered by users who have not yet upgraded to today’s build?