for uploading the DSYM using Sentri CLI for an iOS APP integration , can anyone help me to understand what is “YOUR_ORG_SLUG” and “YOUR_PROJECT_SLUG PATH_TO_DSYMS” and where can i get this ?

This is the command i am using ----

sentry-cli --auth-token YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN upload-dsym --org YOUR_ORG_SLUG --project YOUR_PROJECT_SLUG PATH_TO_DSYMS

Hey, you can find everything you need on this page:

Also here are the iOS docs:

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Thank you so much for the help… i have uploaded the DSYMs file using Sentry CLI -
I got the command -

Uploaded a total of 6 debug symbols

But after that i made a test crash using -

[SentryClient.sharedClient crash];----

App got crashed – but it is not reported , i have killed the app and repeated the crash again… still no changes there … :frowning:

Hmm, after reading both links, I only have two questions. What are my organization and project slugs, and where do I find them?

You can find it in your URL when clicking on your project in Sentry.
First part is your org slug, second part, project slug.

I was also unable to upload my dsyms. The script found my files and prepped them, but then failed with error: The requested resource does not exist (http status: 404)… I assumed it was my slugs, and that the project was not being found. The spelling was exact, with no spaces, but a dash between words.

The solution was to copy and paste them directly from the settings page. I assume there’s something in my system or yours that is using an em dash instead of an en dash, or some other mystery issue. But just exact spelling wasn’t (and isn’t…tried it again). It required a copy and paste. So the issue is solved, but just getting this possible org / project slug issue on this thread.

For those of you who were also completely mystified as to what org and project “slugs” are because the docs never explain that, here’s an example command with just names and tokens changed I used to upload my dsym files:

sentry-cli --auth-token AUTH_TOKEN_CREATED_ON_SENTRY upload-dif --org my_company_name --project my_project_name ~/Downloads/appDsyms

The AuthToken I created here:

Don’t forget to give it project write access!!

Basically the “slugs” are just the NAMES of the org and project. Not the numeric values you see in the URL (since they mention you can find the slugs in the URL…)

The ~/Downloads/appDsyms are the dyms downloaded from iTunes Connect, on the Activity tab selecting my current build (for some reason you can’t get the same download stuff from the TestFlight tab even though the list and icons look identical).