Failed to display symbols in minidump

Hi everybody,

I can’t display the debug symbols on a crash report.

The context :

  • I built the binaries with and without the debug symbols.
  • I uploaded the debug file using sentry-cli upload-dif
  • I use Crashpad to generate the crash report when the process crashes.
  • I sent the crash report with Curl command (https transport not supported in crashpad/Linux)

The debug file is in “project/Debug Informations” and the debug_id matches with the crashed executable.
But the symbols aren’t loaded , and in the JSON , the message is :

"debug_meta": {
"images": [
"code_file": "/home/pi/workspace/crashpad_helloworld/build/HelloWorld",
"debug_status": "fetching_failed",
"features": {
"has_sources": false,
"has_debug_info": false,
"has_unwind_info": false,
"has_symbols": false
"code_id": "56e04c6748435adcde3cff076f8807ee987661b8",
"image_addr": "0x10000",
"debug_file": "/home/pi/workspace/crashpad_helloworld/build/HelloWorld",
"image_size": 226136,
"type": "elf",
"unwind_status": "fetching_failed",
"debug_id": "674ce056-4348-dc5a-de3c-ff076f8807ee"

On server side, I have the log :

 sentry_symbolicator.1.kfnwamqhwo96@sentry-1    | 2020-05-25T15:43:32Z [symbolicator::actors::symbolication] INFO: Error while fetching cficache: failed to download object

I didn’t find any further information on this error on Google.

Am I doing something wrong during the steps to upload the symbol file ?

Thank you for your help.


Hi @Alex_Gleux, the error you’re seeing indicates that Symbolicator (the symbolication service) is not able to fetch the file from Sentry’s file storage. A few questions to get this started:

  • This info log should show more lines with the cause of the download failure. Does your log show something in the next line (usually says “caused by …”)
  • I’m guessing that it could be an authentication failure, or alternatively the file is no longer retrievable. Can you go to Project Settings > Debug Files and then try to download the file in question manually?