Add react-native to on-prem 9.1

Hello everyone!

I’m a bit new with Sentry, and I have a question that I haven’t quite figured out yet.
I have Sentry 9.1.1 deployed in my company, and I can’t find React-Native in it. Can I somehow get React-Native support without upgrading the Sentry version?
I do not want to upgrade the version, because there are a lot of dependencies changes and there is a risk that the data will be lost during the update process.


If you backup your data, there is no risk of losing it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Sentry 9.1.1 is very old and we do not support it, hence you won’t be able to add React Native support to it. I think you can still use our SDK for React Native and see if it works but I doubt it would work without Relay and Symbolicator. @bruno-garcia @jauer or @untitaker can speak more on this.

react-native should work fine to some extent though a lot of native development has happened since Sentry 9. In principle the functionality is already there, it just has come a long way since then.

Well, thank you for your answers, I’ll just deploy latest version and transfer with hands settings and projects.