Handling React Native iOS Native Crashes

Is it normal after linking to add

SentryClient *client = [[SentryClient alloc]

initWithDsn:@“https://absdjfaklsfhjdoashfohjsofiijiiji@sentry.io/number” didFailWithError:&error];
SentryClient.sharedClient = client;
[SentryClient.sharedClient startCrashHandlerWithError:&error];

on the native side in addition with Sentry init on the JS side? We werent picking up crashes on the native side in some cases.

By any change were you using 5.0.0-beta.1? If so, there was a bug on it that wasn’t sending crashes on restart.

It was fixed already on 5.0.0-beta.2:

Thanks Bruno for the response. My question was rather if adding the sentry package in react native and initializing it there, if it would catch crashes on the native side? Im using version 1.3.7.

There is no need to add any native code, initializing the SDK in JS is all you need to do.
If it’s not picking up any native crashes there is something wrong in the setup.

If the JS SDK isn’t able to talk to the native side you should see a popup appear in debug mode telling you this. If that’s also not there then something is even more fishy and we need a repro case.