Sentry for React Native is showing iOS native crashes too

I followed the steps for integrating Sentry for react-native and everything went smoothly. I am receiving RN errors happening in production builds but also seeing a few iOS native crashes being reported. These iOS native crashes randomly come in (1-2 times a day maybe), which is a much lower rate than the actual crashes happening which we are tracking with Crashlytics.

Is this normal? If yes then how do I stop the iOS native crashes from being reported? I just want to get the javascript errors generated from RN.

There currently is no way to turn of native crash handling when using react-native-sentry. But Sentry should pickup every crash there is, what could be is that the crashes are grouped together.

We will add an option to disable it, you can keep track of it here:

Thanks for the prompt reply, will follow that issue you created.