Adding an organisation member to a team

I must be going crazy, but I can’t seem to be able to add an existing organisation member to a team.

When I finally found the team settings page (which really did take me about 15 minutes of clicking around the projects, admin, etc. interface before I realised it was in the project listing page) I can see myself on the team (as I created it) and the + Invite Member link.

This page is at /organizations/[my_org}/teams/[my_team]/members/

Clicking on the + Invite Member link takes me to the general organisation invite page (were you invite someone by email, set their organisation access level and assign teams.

At this point, the URL is /organizations/[my_org]/members/new/.

This seems like a bad link to me, as if the same view/template for org member admin (i.e. /organizations/[my_org]/members/) is being used for the team member list, just with filtered member data. In fact, on that page, clicking Back to Member List does indeed take me back to the general org members list.

But let’s assume for a minute that the above is all correct, and I am simply supposed to re-invite an existing member and check the team’s checkbox on that page. I do just that and then get an error telling me that that person has already been invited to the organisation. So I still can’t do it that way.

For reference, I am using on-premise version 8.18.0. I have looked at the changelog for all versions ahead of mine and no mention is made of a fix in the team members page, hence not yet having upgraded (as this incurs a bit of a time penalty for me due to an interesting docker networking setup that I have to unconfigure and reconfigure each time I upgrade Sentry).

Is this a bug or is it me?

Hey @alexrussell I can see why you’re confused, this is definitely not a good flow and there’s at least a few things you mentioned that could be opened on the tracker as stand-alone issues.

What I think you want to do is go to the /members/ page, and click [Details] on a member, and edit their team membership from there.

Aha thanks. I must have missed the general member link before. I have gone to that page and you are right, I can add people to and remove people from teams.

Interestingly though, here’s one extra bug to go on that list: I cannot change my own membership to various teams (including adding myself!). Presumably this is due to Sentry not wanting people to be able to make themself not an owner in case they are the last one, but I really think Sentry ought to protect against this in a much more intelligent way.

you can leave a team from this page:$org/teams/

you’re right this is all a bit janky - it’s something we’re looking at reworking over the next few months.

Hi @MaxBittker
I have the same issue. I don’t know how to add a member to a team. And when I click on détails of a member, I don’t see any ‘team membership’ section, only Basics et Role.

do you have more than one team? that section doesn’t show if you don’t

Oh ok, I see. Weird behavior but ok. But all users with the developer level were not added, only those with admin level.

oh snap, could you elaborate? Does it seem like a bug?

oh snap, could you elaborate?

Yep, I invited 3 people and gave the admin level for one of them and the developer level for others. Only the admin was added in the team. To add the 2 others, I temporary level-up their level.

what version of sentry are you running? ( I wasn’t able to recreate this but i may be missing something. what level is your account? Org Owner?

what version of sentry are you running? (


I wasn’t able to recreate this but i may be missing something. what level is your account? Org Owner?

Owner yes.

BTW, it’s a bit odd to add people automatically when you have only one team (explicit > implicit), and when you face a bug like this, it’s baffling.