No Organization Access


Recently upgraded to sentry 8.22.0 onprem. The problem I’m having is that when a new user is registered, I received the error message:

No Organization Access

You don’t have access to any organizations within Sentry. Talk to a Sentry administrator about getting access

I can’t seem to find the option to assign a user to an organisation.
Additionally is there any way that I can set up sentry to auto assign a user to a default organization to avoid having to manually add them? Prior to the upgrade to 8.22.0 I did not have to do this.


I had same problem in a new installation…


Any update on this one?


Hi Guys,

Do you have "SENTRY_FEATURES[“auth:register”]=False
"? If yes, try turning it on True. No idea why, but it worked for me after that. Just on the first run after upgrading. Hope this helps. Cheers.