SDK version to be used with Sentry v9


Please, which version of the SDK can I use with the hosted version? The installation offered steps are from Raven 3, but the docs says it was supersed by the Sentry 4.

Which one should I use?

Thank you!

Hi @robsonsobral,

I would recommend installing sentry from the master branch such that you can just use the latest SDKs.

Thank you!

But I mounted my docker from the master branch. I’m running Sentry 9.0.0.

In this case any SDK should just work.

So, the installation suggestion of a previous SDK version is a bug.

Thank you!

I don’t quite follow what you mean. Which installation steps do you mean? Could you share the URL you’re seeing this at?


This is what I’m getting on https://sentry.<DOMAIN>.com/<ORGANIZATION>/<PROJECT-NAME>/getting-started/javascript/:

If I install sentry from master I get raven.js 4.0 suggested, so I think your local checkout is just outdated

Well… Some git stash, git push and others commands after… I’ve a completely new database. Not good… I gonna try to find what I did wrong. Thank you!

And, even on new version, I`m still seeing “”… Hmmmnnn… Strange.

Instalation fixed! I’m sorry. I’m still learning how to use Docker.

But the version is still outdated. I gonna try to find a solution by myself.

Thank you.

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