Any way to get alerted for every event?

We have an app with user-generated content and would like our server to be aware of how many times each piece of content crashes. I’ve tried two different approaches with Sentry and have not been able to get either to work.

Webhooks -
We set up a webhook that is triggered by “When an event is captured by Sentry”. This worked but it seems like there’s no way to disable the action interval, so we’d only get alerted every 5 minutes for every issue. This doesn’t work for us because different pieces of user generated content might crash in the same way and get aggregated, and we need to know about every individual crash.

beforeSend -
We tried making a network request to our server in the beforeSend callback, but it wasn’t being called for native crashes on Android (didn’t try iOS). We’re using the Sentry React Native SDK, our repo is here: castle-client/mobile at master · castle-xyz/castle-client · GitHub
The beforeSend callback worked correctly for JS exceptions on Android but wasn’t called at all for native crashes (even after starting the app again).

It seems like we could use the Sentry API to poll issues at some interval, but we’d prefer to know about crashes immediately instead of polling. Is there another strategy we haven’t thought of or some way to fix the issues we’ve had with webhooks or beforeSend? Thank you.