API is disabled for new accounts?


im new to sentry, but i try to connect sentry and bitbucket with pipeline…

so i run:

i get this error:

{“detail”: “API key is not valid”}

but my api must be correct…

in the the docs i read this;

API keys are a legacy means of authenticating. They will still be supported but are disabled for new accounts. You should use authentication tokens wherever possible.

anyone knows, if this is the error and if yes, who long i need the have the account, so that my api key works?

PS i have a free sentry account…

thanks for your help

API keys are deprecated, instead you should use auth tokens. Auth tokens are sent with an Authorization: Bearer header and not as username.

ok. i tried to test it in bitbucket:

curl https://app.getsentry.com/api/0/projects/{SENTRY_ORGANIZATION}/{SENTRY_PROJECT}/releases/
-H “Authorization: Bearer {SENTRY_API_KEY}" \ -X POST \ -H "Content-Type:application/json" \ -d "{\"version\":\"{BITBUCKET_COMMIT}”}"

here are the results:

in sentry i can see the bitbucket button, but i get an 404 error:

what could be the problem?