Apple Symbol Extraction - replacement for

I’m attempting to extract Apple symbols using the Dsym Management documentation, which says to run symsynd’s script. Unfortunately, the script is no longer part of symsnd (it was removed in commit 6f7d2e23d ).

Is there a new process for this step now that no longer exists? If not, does anyone know which commit of symsnd is compatible with Sentry?

I am in the same situation. I would like to upload iOS system symbols, but I cannot find the tool or instructions about its replacement (if any).

Just an FYI that I got everything working by rolling symsynd back to commit 8112bea (which still has the script).

I don’t know what the long-term plan is for Sentry/symsynd, but this should at least unblock you.

Hi. iOS system symbols are now handled through the new symbolserver:

We’re independently investigating if we can maybe make a public instance available for on-prem customers if interest exists. That way we could collectively collect system symbols (crowdsource them).

The symbol server instructions only describe a “Local Development” setup.

What are the differences in how it should be set up and run in order for it to operate as a production symbol server (for an on-premise Sentry installation) as compared to a local dev environment?

Is there any other documentation on the symbol server that I’m missing, aside from the README and the Sentry Debug Symbols webpage?

For all intends and purposes the local setup matches the prod self hosted setup at the moment.

Awesome, just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the reply!