AUTH Options Not Listed


We are running Sentry On-Premise w/Docker:

  • Sentry v. 9.0.0
  • Docker version 18.06.1-ce, build e68fc7a

Overall service is working as expected. However, we are not seeing any AUTH options listed: /settings/my-org-name/auth/. I have added the following to our

# SSO ON our OFF
SENTRY_FEATURES['organizations:sso'] = True
SENTRY_FEATURES['organizations:sso-saml2'] = True
SENTRY_FEATURES['organizations:sso-rippling'] = True

Ran the following, to update our docker-build:

docker-compose build
docker-compose run --rm web upgrade
docker-compose up -d

Upon web UI refresh, we still are not seeing any auth options listed. Has anyone experienced this issue? Not sure if there is some other setting I need to enabled to achieve SSO.

Thanks in advance,


You need to also install the various plugins. e.g. sentry-auth-github on GitHub


Thanks for getting back with me.

We are wanting to integrate with Okta SSO. Is there a specific plugin that needs to be installed? I have installed the generic SAML2 plugin found here: — Also read through this tutorial:, which did not provide actual Sentry / Okta installation details.

Still not seeing anything listed under our auth settings. Please advise.



I also installed the Github Auth plugin: Created an OAUTH App within GH under our org, updated our with the GITHUB_APP_ID & GITHUB_API_SECRET. Rebuilt using the following:

docker-compose build 
docker-compose run --rm web upgrade
docker-compose up -d

Also, ran sentry upgrade – still do not see any Auth Apps listed within our On-premise Sentry setup. What further action do I need to do inorder to integrate SSO?


I thought that the Sentry 9.0.0 docker image has the sentry_plugins installed that has all the auths…


Update: found that the Sentry:9.0 image needs to have the system packages added to get SAML working:



Thanks for the follow up, I will give this a try.