AUTH Options Not Listed

We are running Sentry On-Premise w/Docker:

  • Sentry v. 9.0.0
  • Docker version 18.06.1-ce, build e68fc7a

Overall service is working as expected. However, we are not seeing any AUTH options listed: /settings/my-org-name/auth/. I have added the following to our

# SSO ON our OFF
SENTRY_FEATURES['organizations:sso'] = True
SENTRY_FEATURES['organizations:sso-saml2'] = True
SENTRY_FEATURES['organizations:sso-rippling'] = True

Ran the following, to update our docker-build:

docker-compose build
docker-compose run --rm web upgrade
docker-compose up -d

Upon web UI refresh, we still are not seeing any auth options listed. Has anyone experienced this issue? Not sure if there is some other setting I need to enabled to achieve SSO.

Thanks in advance,

You need to also install the various plugins. e.g. sentry-auth-github on GitHub

Thanks for getting back with me.

We are wanting to integrate with Okta SSO. Is there a specific plugin that needs to be installed? I have installed the generic SAML2 plugin found here: — Also read through this tutorial:, which did not provide actual Sentry / Okta installation details.

Still not seeing anything listed under our auth settings. Please advise.


I also installed the Github Auth plugin: Created an OAUTH App within GH under our org, updated our with the GITHUB_APP_ID & GITHUB_API_SECRET. Rebuilt using the following:

docker-compose build 
docker-compose run --rm web upgrade
docker-compose up -d

Also, ran sentry upgrade – still do not see any Auth Apps listed within our On-premise Sentry setup. What further action do I need to do inorder to integrate SSO?

I thought that the Sentry 9.0.0 docker image has the sentry_plugins installed that has all the auths…

Update: found that the Sentry:9.0 image needs to have the system packages added to get SAML working:


Thanks for the follow up, I will give this a try.


Upon install of libxmlsec1-dev, verifying we have pkg-config -- 0.29.1-0ubuntu1 installed, running through docker rebuild steps along with updating Sentry we are still not seeing any AUTH options within the UI.

Can anyone offer further assistance on how we can achieve Okta Auth [or any SSO Auth] on an On-Premise, Ubuntu 16.04, Sentry v 9.0.0 setup?

Thanks in advance,

Found I needed to update my Dockerfile to install the necessary packages upon Docker [re]Build:

FROM sentry:9.0-onbuild
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y pkg-config xmlsec1 libxmlsec1-dev
RUN pip install

I now show SAML providers listed under Auth. Found the fix under forum entry: Saml provider not available

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