Bitbucket : Only one configuration missing

I want to see following highlighted red box content and responsible author:

What I have already done? I am able to see commits by authors, 11 commits by 4 authors etc.

Our repository is on bitbucket. Though we have hosted repositories in our local server and then it is mirrored to bitbucket.
git remote -v gives our server repo path and not bitbucket.

Where does sentry gets the commit data and files? Does it get it from .git? And if it does, does sentry needs access to our private server repos. If yes, how?

Have you tried using the Bitbucket integration inside of project settings?

Yes, In project settings > all integrations
bitbucket plugin is enabled with the right configuration owner/repo.git

Also, issue tracking has bitbucket configured. I can see bitbucket button in an issue detail page. Though I do not want to use this feature to create a bitbucket issue from sentry. I have tried it and it shows up “Bitbucket returned a 404. Please make sure that the repo exists, you have access to it, and it has issue tracking enabled.”
I am able to see # commits by # authors in releases.
I am able to see the authors list in an issue.

But only thing which is missing is responsible author. And the highlighted box in the image.