BUG - Releases on different projects there are the same


I saw a small issue with releases. I have two projects - API and CLIENT
I created script for upload source maps (generally there are the same):

const SentryCli = require('@sentry/cli');
const { version } = require('./package.json');

async function uploadSourceMaps() {
  const cli = new SentryCli();

  const options = {
    debug: false,
    include: ['./build/'],
    urlPrefix: '~',
    rewrite: true,
    ignore: ['node_modules']

  await cli.releases.new(version);
  await cli.releases.uploadSourceMaps(version, options);
  await cli.releases.finalize(version);


Also, I’ve created .sentrycli files like this:



When I create API release I can see also the same release in CLIENT. Problem is that versions are not the same. So in some cases, errors appear in the wrong release.

How can I split release per project?

I found a similar topic: Bug with Releases API? - Creating Release with same ID in Two Projects Causes Issues

This is just intended behavior. Releases are scopes organization wide because it’s common to have releases span multiple projects. If you want to name them differently, but share the same release name, you’ll probably want to add a prefix or something to differentiate.