How do I link a repository to a project

I have three projects in Sentry, that correspond to three repos in Bitbucket (web, mobile and backend).

I’ve linked my three repos to my Sentry account.

I released Web (2.2.0) and then released Mobile (2.2.0). I noticed that when I look at the Release 2.2.0 under the Web project, it’s showing me “Commits” and “Files Changed” from the Mobile repo.

Are releases organization specific, or project specific?
I’m using this when I create a release:

sentry-cli releases new --project='web-dashboard' $VERSION

which would indicate to me it should be tied to the project.

Hi there,

in our docs we recommend the following formats for semantic versioning:

package@version or package@version+build (for example, )

This should prevent two releases with the same version from merging.

You can compare all releases with the version 2.2.0 from the Releases view of your app by searching that value.

I hope this helps,

Nick - Technical Support Specialist