Why are different project release versions linked?


I am trying to make sense of how the releases feature works in Sentry and noticed that, apparently, an organization is expected to have a flat versioning for all its projects?

By using sentry-cli releases list I will get a flattened version table by organization rather than a project.

Would this mean that organization/API at 1.5.0 need to be linked to organization/Front-end at 1.5.0?

I have tried to create these two versions for each project, but apparently, they are links as ‘Other projects affected’ which is not what I expected?

Considering this behaviour, it seems like projects need to keep the same versioning even though there was no relation/reason for bumping the version number on its counterpart?

I hope this makes sense.

Please let me know if my assumptions are correct and the reason behind it.

Thanks in advance.