Cant set more then 90 commits from Bitbucket

Hi Everyone,

Using CLI, I’m creating new release on ‘alerts’ project:

sentry-cli releases new -p alerts oded.test

and try set 500 commits to it, by the command:

sentry-cli releases set-commits oded.test --commit “wekaio/wekapp@f172804eff80fe29a88185c362de04c22f736e22…e4e68dffce02a9e7ba26ed90d0cbb14b9a792c91”

Any idea why I see in WEB GUI or sentry-cli releases info oded.test, only 90 commits?

this is happening on every release we created so far…



Hi @oded , did you find a solution for this?
I have a similar problem, that sentry only loads the first 25 commits from bitbucket (server):

I’m having a similar issue. I’m trying to add commits to a release with sentry-cli. When there’s less than 50 commits then everything works fine, but subsequent commit batches override the previous ones, e.g. if I have 76 commits, then only the oldest 26 of them will be visible as attached to the release.

I created an issue related to sentry-cli:

It seems that subsequent requests that add commits to a release overwrite each other.