Change default workflow notification settings

It seems that every new person added to my project is getting spammed with workflow notifications. Is there any way to change the default workflow notification settings for all users so that they only get notified if the are subscribed to them?


Is there any way to resolve / work around this?

This is really a major problem as some new users get flooded by these emails and default to filtering them out in their inboxes, and as a result they are missing all valid, important notifications.

Workflow notifications are very specific - its not intended that they should be turned off. Think of this like your standard issue tracker. It’s possible we should consider changing the default to subscription-only, but the behavior is intended to roughly match what people are used to with tools like GitHub.

Keep in mind these are very different from alerts. The only way you get subscribed to workflow notifications is generally when you action on something.

Thanks for the quick answer @zeeg.

I totally agree that the workflow notifications are very useful and shouldn’t be turned off - and this is what I am afraid can happen when there is too many of them.

I was thinking about them in a similar way as e.g. JIRA issue notification - usually you don’t want to get info about anyone doing anything in the whole organisation, you only get the notifications about the tickets you created, acted on or explicitly started watching.

From what I am seeing currently Sentry defaults to sending notifications about all actions (by anyone), not only about the issues you watch / acted on.