Client sends events, but they don't show up in dashboard on server

My company is using on-prem Sentry, we have version 8.22.0 installed.

I am finding events generated by the client often don’t show up in the dashboard on the server. I see the client send the event in the browser’s network tab and get a 200 response. But the event never shows up anywhere.

It seems to be due to deduplication? If I go into the browser’s console and do function a() { try { throw new Error('test') } catch(e) { Raven.captureException(e) }} then invoke a(), I will see the event show up. But any additional invocations of a do not show up. If I then change the function to be named b, then invoke, I see an event for b.

This github issue seems like what I am seeing:

I tried upgrading to the new Sentry client and using it to remove the server dedupe integration as suggested in the githbu issue, but I suspect 8.22.0 does not honor client requests to remove integrations.

We are currently upgrading our on-prem Sentry to the latest, and we’ll see how it behaves. I am new to Sentry myself, so hoping people can offer ideas on what to look into.


We upgraded to Sentry 9.0.0. This allowed us to turn off the Dedupe integration and with it off we see all events coming through.

Turning off Dedupe is a mixed bag though. I wish deduping would reset itself after a time period.