Configuring alert rule for high occurrence frequency and high user impact

We’d like to have a rule that fires only when a event has a high occurrence and a high user impact. Seemed like

was a good start. However, getting alerted when only one of the two conditions are met (the occurrence frequency one). Is there something I should look at next?

We’ll take a look as it sounds like either theres a misunderstanding in what the values mean, or somethings not computing correctly for one of the conditions. You definitely have the rule setup in the correct way.

FWIW, the ‘false positives’ weren’t happening until we integrated raven javascript logging.

This was a bug on our side. Here is the patch to fix:

You guys rock. Tnx! When will this be deployed to hosted?

As soon as our CI backlog is cleared. :slight_smile: Not sure how long that’ll take, but it’ll be sometime this afternoon.

Update: This has been deployed.