New Feature: Alert Rule Frequency

A tiny, but useful feature was shipped today allowing you to customize the frequency of rules. This allows you to control the maximum frequency in which an alert will execute. If you’ve ever dug behind the scenes you might have already seen a glimpse of this feature, as we had a hardcoded version of the 30 minute interval for our rate-based conditions. This is no longer hardcoded, and you can adjust the frequency to whatever suits you, across all available rules.

I wish we were notified about this change via email or some other way. Also 30 minutes as default seems rather too relaxed in our environment.

EDIT: looks like we get no alerts at all for some reason… even after setting it to 5 minutes.

Responding to you via Zendesk. Definitely shouldn’t be any issues with no alerts, but it’s possible theres a legacy branch we’re missing here, or something else non-obvious.

Thanks! We’ve cleared this out via Zendesk. It was an unrelated problem. It was just a coincidence that this change was made as we were spotting a problem with our alerts…

Sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusion there.

Just one question to clarify - this setting applies only to “reminder” alerts? the first alert should still fire immediately after matching the rule. right?

Is there a way to increase the frequency past once per five minutes for a specific rule? A use case we were thinking of was to alert to Slack as close to real time as possible for some production level events.

Overall, very cool feature - nice work!